Spiced Chocolate Pudding

On our mission of reducing plastic waste we started making our own pudding powder and found out that it is super easy and tastes soo much better than the ready made one!

The basic ingredient of ready made vanilla pudding powder is corn starch topped up with some colour and vanilla flavour. Even the higher priced products usually don't contain any real vanilla.
The products on the market cost around 0,80 Euros per 100g or more whereas plain corn starch, which you can buy without plastic wrapping, costs only 0,37 Euros per 100g. So all you need to do is buying corn starch instead of pudding powder plus any flavor you want to have!

Here is the basic recipe for the pudding:
500 ml milk
40g corn starch
40g sugar

This you can alter with any flavor or spice you like. For making vanilla pudding add fresh vanilla.
Our favorite is chocolate pudding with fresh chocolate and here is the spiced up version that gives your dessert a special twist. Since we are in Sri Lanka and have lots of coconut trees in our garden we always use fresh coconut milk instead of cows milk. Even in our tea and coffee (you have to try that, it is delicious! Whoever has stayed at Amuura Beach House will know what I am talking about ;-) ).

Spiced Chocolate Pudding
500 ml fresh coconut milk
40g corn starch
40g sugar
1 tsp Amuura Cinnamon Powder
1 pinch of chili powder
10g fresh ginger (peeled)
100g dark chocolate

1. Set apart a little of the coconut milk and mix in the cornstarch
2. Bring the rest of the coconut milk, sugar, cinnamon powder, chili powder, fresh ginger and chocolate to boil
3. When boiling add the coconut milk cornstarch mix to the pot and boil for another 2 minutes while constantly stirring
4. remove the ginger root
5. Fill the Pudding into dessert bowls and eat when cooled down


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