AMUURA Ceylon Cinnamon and what it makes so special !

Unlike all other exported cinnamon, we do not treat our cinnamon with sulphur. Instead, we dry it
for four times longer to achieve the same tenability as sulphured cinnamon. We don’t use
machines in the drying process, but natural sunlight and a clay room that absorbs humidity. This
process requires a lot more work, but we sacrifice profit to ensure better quality.

True Ceylon cinnamon only grows in Sri Lanka. Its coumarin content is significantly lower than that
of cassia cinnamon, which makes it much healthier. Ceylon cinnamon also has many health
benefits, such as lowering blood sugar levels, reducing heart disease risk factors and stimulating
weight loss. The taste is very different from cassia cinnamon.

Many manufacturers use leftovers and waste to produce their cinnamon powder. We only use high-
grade cinnamon to produce our powder, which means the quality is beyond compare.

Amuura Cinnamon is not just organic: it grows among hundreds of different plant species in our
Permaculture Model Garden in the Southern District of Sri Lanka, where we are rebuilding a
healthy ecosystem that is free from pesticides and fertilisers.

We personally ensure that our cinnamon is free from the tree’s outer bark, which can give a bitter
taste. This process is labour intensive and reduces profits, but ensures our cinnamon has a
unique, fruity and aromatic flavour.

It is important for us to encourage the local community to be more self-sufficient. We pay our
workers a higher salary and work hard to be a role model in the region, encouraging people to start
home gardens and practice farming without chemicals.

cinnamon harvest, ceylon cinnamon
Harvesting Cinnamon


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