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Keeping goats in Sri Lanka

Hello All, mainly I am writing this blog-post because i would have hoped to find something like this myself when we started  creating a little permaculture farm in Bentota, Sri lanka. How to keep goats in Sri Lanka some of our goats (twins) There are goats in Sri Lanka, especially near our Beach house in Beruwala, as many muslim people live in this area. I see them everyday when i go to buy grocery's, walking around freely on the roads, eating rice-leftovers on the street, dry grass bunches on the ground or garbage. yes, sadly- this is definitely not what they are supposed to eat ! They walk freely- along with their baby-goats (kids) on the roads and their owners do not seem to be afraid they get lost or die because of an accident. These are the muslim goats- how i personally call them. We soon found out, if we let our goats walk free around our permaculture farm, we  wont have any plants left on the ground and no leaves on the trees up to 2m height. Its fascinatin

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