First Post - An Overview

Good Morning,

Today is the launch of Amuura's Blog!

We will write about our progress at Amuura Permaculture Garden, the daily happening at Amuura Beach House and other stories of our life in Sri Lanka.

The Amuura Permaculture Garden, was an ordinary cinnamon plantation when we bought it in 2012.
We decided to create a model garden for self-sustainability with the purpose of creating a little piece of healthiness on this planet.

Our first step was to convert the plantation to organic and stop pollution by artificial fertilizer.
At the moment we are planting an increasing variety of plants at Amuura Permaculture Garden including vegetables, fruit, spices, herbs and flowers. 
The aim of Amuura's model garden is to encourage people to cultivate their own products.

At Amuura Beach House we rent rooms to guests. All the money visitors spend for lodging is supporting our project at Amuura Permaculture Garden.
Amuura Beach House does not only have a beutiful location directly at the beach, it is also an accomodation for people, wo want to know more about our project at Amuura Permaculture Garden and enjoy a healthy stay, with products from our garden and furniture designed by ourselves.

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Enjoy the rest of youre day

Amuura (pvt) Ltd - Sri Lanka

Carlotta Tafel


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