A story for Christmas

These days, just before Chritmas Claire was still busy In Amuura Garden with the Cinnamon harvest.
Today she came back to Amuura Homestay to prepare the traditional Christmas Stollen of Germany, to bring a bit homecountry feeling into the tropical environment of Sri Lanka.
From her escape to Amuura Permaculture Garden, she wrote us a little review...

Staying at

It was the first time I stayed at AMUURA Garden over night and even for 5 nights in a row!

I have no toilett, I have reduced electricity.

My day is sceduled by the sun: I get up at morning break at about 5.30 am, we go into the cinnamon for cutting, I have some breakfast, the workers who are really not rich people allways want to share their meals with me, I start peeling until lunchtime, I have lunch, the afternoon we work in the garden, thinking how we best intercrop our vegetables, at 5 pm everybody slows down, we start cleaning, the cinnamon is rolled and put to dry, everybody leaves, silence comes, I take a shower in the midst of the garden overlooking the cinnamon and the landscape, it feels so free and peacefull!
At about 6.30 pm its nearly dark, I lit my oillamp, sitting upstairs in the unfinished house overviewing the broad landscape falling into dark. Only than I can decide myself to open the fucking pc and answer emails and all this exhausting shit. I stop this work as quickly as possible , I find it even too boring to look at films which I often do when I have more elecricity and more civilisation around me. After having a small dinner I go to bed at aout 8.30 pm . I immediatly fall asleep not waking up with my brain turning problems which is so often the case in Beruwala or Germany. If I wake up its only because I hear the rain starting or the wind increasing. The feeling of theese elements even gives me more confidence in my eyuilibred existance..


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