Ready for Volunteers!

Yesterday we prepared the building at Amuura 
House for our new Volunteers to come.
srilanka, rice, paddyfield, cinnamon

At the moment we are not completely finish with constructing, but it is already usable. But our extremely beautiful view, over the patty fields are already enjoyable out of the bathroom and anywhere else at the house.

We are always happy to hear from new volunteers to come, to join our project at Amuura permaculture garden.

The project of bringing up a permaculture model garden under tropical conditions here in Sri Lanka, for Sri Lanka and whoever want to get inspired.

At the moment our main work is to turn the soil, which is existing, usable. Planting new plants, cutting a way through the 2.5acre land, that  visitors are able to explorer the Permaculture garden and for us, to start making beds all over the property using companion planting.


 Nipun and Eranda are sweeping.
The walls are made out of old Kabok stones, used in the colonial time!


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