Easy Banana Cake

In Sri Lanka,
Banana is used by every grandma!
In a curry, cake or raw there is no exception or a law.
But today no wonder how,  Carlotta makes a cake right now.
The recipe will be written here, with a video which should appear.
All details will be shown, for you at home to do alone.

Ingredients:                                                            Baking temp. 170°      Baking time. 70 min
Ripe Bananas 230g
Vegetable Oil 40ml
unsalted butter 70g
sugar 190g
eggs 2nos
flour 230g
baking powder 10g
milk 30ml
raisins 100g
Sri Lankan Arrack 50ml
milk 30g
Pinch of salt and Cashews who likes a little bite in a cake.

Better start with raisins first,lay them in the arrack to get the aromas.
Preheat the oven before starting with the other mixing.
Next measure the flour and the baking powder mix evenly. keep.
Cream the butter and the sugar, when smooth add the eggs one by one, between mix thourughly.
In an extra bowl mix small pieces of the bananas and the oil till smooth,but leave some small pieces.
You can add the raisins to the banana mix. Use a big spoon to stir. After add the flower little by little, halfway add the milk, now add the rest of the flour.
At last add the fluffy butter-egg-sugar-mix to the banana mix, fold it in! dont stir it.
If you want to add cashew nuts, chopp them and put in. 
Prepare a 30-inch round baking tray or a small bread mould with butter lining and dusted flour.
Pour in the batter and let bake.
After aprox- 65 min depending on your tray use the knife test if its alright.

Take out and enjoy! :)

Extra tip:

This banana cake is quick and easy to make, not only for banana lovers it is an delicious moist cake which is not only tasty  for breakfast with a little butter but also for the rest of the day :)

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