Volunteers- and why it can be difficult!

At Amuura Permaculture Garden we love to welcome Volunteers from the very first beginning. 

But our last experineces made us write a post about some dissapointments.
As volunteering means to do something without being forced to or without getting paid to do it, we thought volunteers come to places to learn, work and help a project in which they also believe.

Unfortunately we had some bad experiences with the volunteers. Volunteering should be  learning by doing, it should be that people come and visit Amuura Permaculture Garden in order to get ideas, get inspired, listen to our struggles and solutions.

But some volunteers came with the idea, that they already know everything about permaculture and how it is done.
Yes, methods can be known. They might even know more about it than we do, but they completely forget that every piece of land, has a different climate, needs a different kind of care and has enemies in different ways..

None of these volunteers had established their own garden, especially in a foreign country. None of them had any longtime experience in their own garden, and proof if theoretical ideas worked out in reality.
It was sad for us to see volunteers coming to our place, just in order to have unpaid holiday in Sri Lanka. Not with a real and deep interest to help other people with their permaculture garden. And "help" does not mean to only give thoretical advise...

Having volunteers walking around our garden thinking they already know everything and telling us how we do things is wrong and never asking what the reason for our approach was made us feel sad and dissapointed after working in our garden for nearly 4 year.

But we dont give up, we still hope volunteers will come, :)  volunteers which are intrested in OUR project, and work for their stay up on a hill at Amuura Permaculture Garden.
Work to help mother nature and work and live for a sustainable life.

One of our chilies that survived the dry season at Amuura Permaculture Garden!


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