Building update: Saving energy & living with nature

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The electricity is nearly done, they worked till dawn to complete the last bit.

On the upper floor we were concerned about electricity. All over the world electricity is over consumed, so we did it the way which naturally forbids an overuse. On the outside walls we did not install lamps, plugs, or anything. We wont have AC. I think most of the people don't really now how much an airconditioner is cunsuming. 

But this is not the only reason why we do not support AC's in Sri Lanka.

We think that if you want to come to a tropical country like Sri Lanka you should come because you want to feel and get in touch with culture, nature and environment.

 An AC has an opposite effect, you would  stay in a closed room, you cannot hear the sweet voices of tropical birds, you won't feel a warm wind on your skin, you wouldn´t be able to hear the waves from the sea. You would be cut off the natural environment.

Sri Lanka, tropics, tropical, energy, electricity, constructionWe are going to have ventilators if extra wind is needed, but we try to compromise as far as possible. Usually the seawind will be enough and the big roof with sourrounding trees will provide enough cool shade. On the balconies we will have oil lamps, a natural and beatiful light which even increases the spirit, to enjoy the light of the stars and the moon up in the sky.

We hope to welcome you in a short period of time in our new rooms on the upper floor between the trees, the sky and the sea.


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