Jungle food

Recently our cook at Amuura beach homestay was asked by her relatives: What do you cook for them , what do your foreign people eat ?

Of course she gave a true and specific answer telling, that we eat banana flower, gotukola, kankun,mokunuwenna herbs and all the other local vegetables as traditionaly curries and sambols (salads).

On this unenspected answer the singalese people where very astonished: 
what?they eat jungle food ?!
All these local vegetables are much cheaper, they are not grown in commercial farms, they are not treated with pestisides.So these vegetables are not only cheaper but a lot healthier then commercial "western" vegetables.
But still the locals wonder how "funny" we are...

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Today we got fresh herbs from the local market and are happy to eat some for lunch :P

My sisters favourite is the devillded kankun recipe, mine the gotukola sambol and my mum just loves all the leafy vegetables as their are very healthy and sooo tasty!


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