How we do our Pictures

Few days ago we finished our new design of the   AMUURA Online Shop

While Carlotta was trying out different kind of coulor schemes and the sizes of the text,
Claire was taking the creative part in her hands with making beautiful new pictures of our handmade packages for our non-sulphured organic cinnamon.
It was such a beautiful thing to watch her working, as she was walking around the house, looking for good backgrounds, different light conditions and the perfect angle.
When she was done with one objetcive, she run to the computer for and back, to see how the pictures look in big. After one hour changing objectives and  we were very proud of the result.
We think the pictures look even better than from a Photoshop, as they got some atmosphere inside as well.

Later on, while we had our deserved lunch we were thinking about the work we just did.
For two small little pictures, which we will just add-on a website, it took as more than 1 hour human work!
When we continued speaking it got worse.
Normally, what a normal company would do, is having a meeting first. This would be discussing which motive they will choose, what colours they want to use, which companies they will ask to do it. This meeting will already take one hour away. When they come to the real shoot, more than one person will do work,  at least 3 to holding the light equipment and to bring the objects in place. 
When 100ds of Pictures are shot, someone sits for hours to choose the best 10 out of it.
Now the company will  have a new meeting, discussing which company did the best pics, and which pic out of the 10 will be chosen.
And yeah, finally they might have a professional and beautiful picture, but not better than a creative shot made by Claire in only 1 hour work, with a basic camera on no additional light.

End of the Story, have a look on our Online shop and decide yourself about or one hour, selfmade, professional, super pics... 😏
And if you are already there, use our special Christmas offer and get a 10 % discount on each packet!

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Click on the online shop to see it unblurred!

Lots of ChristmasVibes from Sri lanka (at least in the christams decorated AC-supermarkets🙈 )



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