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When Carlotta was looking in to the fridge...as often.... the marzipan we brought along from Germany has spotted her eye, soon we had a mouthwatering smell in our nose and a women full  of flour in our kitchen !
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So whoever wants to try to make this delicious Rum Marzipan Chocolate Cake yourself...Here is the Recipe:


200 gButter
180 gSugar
200 gFlour
1 Pck.Backing-powder
125 ggowned almonds
100 g  dark,scraped chocolate + 150g melted chocolate
2  TLAMUURA Cinnamon
3 ELRum  or what I used...was Sri Lankan Arrak 
500 gRumfruits or our homemade starfruit marmelade
200 gmarzipan
Whip the Butter,sugar and the eggs till creamy and whiteish. Mix the flour with the baking-powder. Add the almonds chocolate cinnamon and rum, as well as the four mix to the butter-egg cream. After all is mixed evenly, pour 1/3rd in to a round, floured baking form of 26cm.
Roll out the marzipan between two sheets of wrapping sheet and lay on the cake.
Mix the balance of the dough with the fruits or marmalade and add on the top of the marzipan.

Bake at 175 degree for bout 60-70 min. Check in between.
When the cake has cooled down, melt the chocolate with 50g of butter and pour gently over the cake.

serve and enjoy! 

Your AMUURA Team <3
Marzipan Chocolate Cake, Cake, Rum, Rumcake, Arrak



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