Passion fruit Jam

At AMUURA Beach House the breakfast is served with not only fresh grated coconut milk but also with homemade jams to make your stay special but also, to not support big companies an  artificial substitutes.

passion fruit jam, passionfruit, jam, amuura

One of our guests favorite jam is the passion fruit jam so today we are going to share our simple Recipe with you !  

pulp of 24 passions
1 cup of water
juice of 3 lime
1 kg sugar

Add all Ingredients into the pot and let boil stir all the time till it gets thick. Check it by taking a drop out and let cool. If its thick,  fill  into sterilized jars, and close quickly to preserve the jam.

passion fruit jam, amuura, passionfruit 
Enjoy !!


  1. Did you know you can oil the skins in a sugar syrup... it tastes like peaches when done right


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