Where to Eat in Arugam Bay

Where to Eat in Arugam Bay

When staying in Arugam bay it was very hard to distinguish which places are good to stay in and for me even more Important where to Eat.

I will start my recommendations with the price being low and rising up.

The cheapest options of course are the local "kades" shops, where you can get Kotthu and Roti, but after a while you starve for Vitamins! Most of the kades taste good, and it does not really matter what shop you choose.

At the Beach Hut in a very hip atmosphere you can get good and cheap dinner for around 500/- you will be fed and full when you leave. But don't expect to much gadgets. Its simple, nice and woody. 

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Now if it comes to more western style food, the Water edge is a pleasent restaurant to go for.

Gecko just next door, has got a much more cozy vibe ( both directly at the beach).
Gecko might be slightly more expensive but offers mainly organic food, and thas a really nice selection of homemade deserts.

For Pizza (1100/- for one margaritha), there might be other good places too, but our favorite was at Gecko.
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For breakfast Karma Gardens offers nice smoothie Bowls 600 \- owned by Australiens but be sure they are open.

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More expensive, but unusal treats you can get at Spice trail and Hideaway. Both on the landside, right next to each other. Both of them beautiful in their individual style.
Hideaway is more a chill place with good food (800-2200 /-) per portion,
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Whereas at Spice trail you feel more like in a high class restaurant. (800-1800/-) per portion.
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